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​Club Coaches Minimum Standards

To perform coaching duties at the Preston Pirates Baseball Club, a coach is required to have suitable baseball knowledge and the desire to pass this on to players.


Preston Pirates Baseball Club coaches are required to meet a series of minimum standards or commit to complete various coaching certifications.


1. Knowledge of and Acceptance of Preston Pirates Child Safe Policies

Preston Baseball Club is committed to compliance with the seven Victorian Child Safe Standards to provide a child safe and child friendly environment, where children and young people with whom we have contact are safe and feel safe.


Preston Baseball Club has a zero tolerance for child abuse.


Every person involved with the Preston Baseball Club has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role they play individually and collectively to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all children and young people who participate in the Preston Baseball Club program. The Child Safe Policy and Child Safe Code of Conduct applies to the volunteer committee, officials and coaches, host families and authorized persons engaged by Preston Baseball Club. 

Acknowledgement and acceptance of Preston Pirates Child Safe Code of Conduct is required by each volunteer.

CHILD SAFETY | Preston Pirates Baseball Club


2. Hold a valid Victorian Working with Children’s check (WWCC)

To obtain a WWCC each Coach needs to apply via the Victorian government web site. 


​​​​Steps to applying can be found here:


Once a WWCC is obtained the holder must nominate the Preston Pirated Baseball club as an organisation where the holder is in charge of children.


The details required to register Preston Pirates Baseball club are as follows:

Organisation Name:

Postal Number:

PO BOX 886




0418 559 144

A copy of a valid WWCC is to be provide to the Board annually.

3. Sport Australia’s General Principles Beginning Coaching Course

This course is very important from a legal standpoint, and must be completed prior coaching at club level and attempting the additional USA Baseball courses.

Register and complete the General principles course here: 

Once the coach registers online, they can go directly to the assessment portion of this course. If the Coach has a good background in coaching, they should not have much difficulty with successfully completing it.


If the coach is new to coaching, they will find useful and eye-opening information which will enable the coach to pass the assessment when the coach is ready.

It takes approximately 4 hours to complete the training and undergo the test.

Once completed the coach can print off a certificate as evidence they have passed this essential assessment which is a mandatory requirement for  coaching certification.

Printing or saving the Certificate as a PDF is recommend so that a copy can then be sent to the club.

The next step is to complete 2 online trainings hosted by SPORT INTEGRITY AUSTRALIA website.

These are
• PBTRs - Child Protection and Safeguarding – 1 hour watching all of the videos
• PBTRs - Harassment and Discrimination Online Course – 1 hour watching all of the videos
• PBTR - Ethical Decision-Making Online Course – 1 hour watching all of the videos


To access this education, register with the SPORT INTEGRITY AUSTRALIA website to create an account.

Please note that courses from Play by the Rules and ASADA are now all accessible from the SPORT
INTEGRITY AUSTRALIA web site. They have all merged now. If the coach has an ASADA or PBTR password,
they should work. If not please reset the password for access.

4. Baseball Specific Coaching

Baseball Australia and Baseball Victoria have adopted the BASEBALL USA coaching training as the Baseball specific training for Baseball coaches. There is currently 3 levels to obtain however the Club requires Level A for all first year coaches and Level B for all returning coaches and Program managers (Head Coaches)


It is recommended that all assistant coaches commit to Level A.

To access this education, register with the BASEBALL USA website to create an account.

The site is set up as a store so  purchase the course at a $0.00 cost.

The Course is set up so the coach can’t advance with out watching all of the videos which are a great reminder of what the club is   trying to achieve.

Please note that the USA BASEBALL certification refers to some USA child protection and laws and Pitch safe pitch counts. Please refer to the PBTR Australian courses for local child safe requirements and the appropriate Pitch counts based on the competition the club team is participating in.


Once completed the club coach is required to email ( copies of the certificates to the club.