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Baseball Operations Committee

Preston Baseball Club has a long history dating back to 1910.


During this time, Preston has produced International representative players, Claxton Shield/ABL players and coaches, State players and coaches charter All-star players and of course, 100’s of social players.

To do this, Preston Baseball Club coaches have provided a level of commitment to the Club and its players that is to be commended.

It has become clear that the demands on a single club coach to provide for the whole playing group is not without its challenges.

The Preston Baseball Club Board have established Director Portfolios for the ten Club Directors. The Baseball Operations Director (BOD) Portfolio and Committee as part of a One Club structure that took effect from preseason planning commencement for the 2021/22 Victorian Summer Baseball League Season. 

Following is an outline of the Baseball Operations Committee responsibilities and an outline of the attributes and requirements of the Coaching, Scoring, Officials and Umpiring staff. 

One Club - A new way of thinking

Traditionally Baseball is a male dominant sport.  Clubs have their Head Coach run the men's program with little integration with the Womans and Junior programs. Preston Baseball Club embraces a ONE CLUB approach with the Baseball Operations team responsible for developing all Coaches, Players, Scorers and Umpires. 

This team consists of:

  • The Baseball Operations Director (integration of the programs)

  • The Women’s Program Manager (Women's head coach)

  • The Junior Program Manager (Junior head coach)

  • The T-Ball Program Manager (T-Ball head coach)

  • The Men’s Program Manager (Men's head coach)

  • Scorers Manager

  • Umpires Manager


Each role is responsible for developing every participant within their program while supporting the integration of players from the Junior program into the Senior programs.

The Baseball Operations Director has the overall responsibility to ensure that each program has the necessary staff, equipment, training and diamond time to meet each program’s needs.

Together with the Club Board, the Baseball Operations Committee sets the minimum standards and expectations for players at training, on the field, and anywhere else they are representing the Preston Pirates Baseball Club.


Program Managers (Head Coach) Roles

The Head Coach for each program must have vast coaching experience to draw from. They must be approachable and available to perform their role from at least six weeks before the season starts, ideally 8 and 2 Weeks into the postseason, to plan with the Baseball Operations Committee for the following season.


The Baseball Operations Committee will meet each month during the season and as required in the offseason, either in person or via Video conference. Head Coaches are expected to be available for all club social events and lead the way in motivating the playing group to be involved.

The Head Coach of each program works with the Baseball Operations Director and Board to determine suitable Game Day Managers for each team in their program. Once Game Day Managers are agreed upon, the Head Coaches work with the Game Day Managers to find assistant Coaches and Team Managers. 


Every team needs to have:

  • Game Day Manager (Coach)

  • Team Manager

  • 2 Assistant Coaches. (Base or Bench coaches) 

  • A Scorer


In addition to the Program Managers, the Club will appoint Specialist Coaches either full time or to run specialisation sessions from time to time.

Specialisation Coaches include but are not limited to:

  • Pitching

  • Hitting

  • Catching

  • Running



Game Day Manager (Team coach) Roles

The Game Day Managers are responsible for all of the Team’s on-field actions; They lead by example. Be punctual, contactable, approachable, and fair in dealings with players, Umpires and the opposition.


Where ever possible, the club will assign Game Day Managers who have no conflict of interest within the team. i.e. avoid coaching their child if possible. 

The Game Day Managers will attend training during the week and take their team for on-field sessions from time to time.

Each Head Coach and The Game Day Manager participates in selections of the teams; Team selection takes place on Tuesdays and is finalised and published at the start of training on Thursday nights.

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Team Managers Roles


Team Managers provide communications support between the players and the Game Day Managers. The Team Managers ensure that the Team has water on the bench, match balls for home games and that the lineup is ready and available for the scorers as soon as the scorer requires it. Team Managers are not required to attend training sessions; if they can provide the necessary communications support to the Game Day Manager and Team remotely. Tools the Team Manager can use to communicate with the team are the club’s official Team App account, TXT, Phone, Email and others as required.

Assistant Coach Roles

The Assistant Coaches must be available during game day and, at the discretion of the Game Day Manager, assist in the pre-game warm-up, coach a base or the bench when in offence, and support the team while in defence. The Assistant Coach should have an understanding of the game; however, this can be taught.


Scorers Roles

Every team requires a Scorer. The Scorer is needed to maintain a standard Australian baseball scorebook. The game can also be scored using a baseball scoring application; however, the book must be maintained. The Scorer is also responsible for recording the result of the games when at home on the official match report sheet. Once the match sheet is signed by each Game Day Manager and the Umpire, the Scorer will take a photo of the sheet and email it to the results email address. The Club provides training and certification opportunities for scorers from time to time.

Umpires Roles 

Umpires are required for every game. The Victorian Summer Baseball League provides Umpires from time to time; however, the Club has an obligation to provide Umpires for all other home games. As a minimum, we will provide an umpire to call from the middle. However, we will ideally provide a plate umpire and line umpire if the visiting team does not provide a line umpire. Senior players are expected to Umpire Junior games and some Senior games. The Club provides an introduction to Umpiring course in the preseason and additional training throughout the season.

Umpires are required to:

Officiate the games in an unbiased manner

  • They must not wear Preston clothing whilst Umpiring.

  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before game time to ensure that the playing field is suitable for play before commencing the game.

  • After the game, the Umpire is required to provide game votes for both teams and potentially Preston only votes that count toward the awards at the end of the season.