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The Club Spirit Award was introduced in 2019 in honor of former Pirates player the late Bubbie Buzachero who passed away at his home in Tennessee in February 2020.

Bubbie had been an import at the Club for several years from 2011 and had made a massive impact on the Community of the Preston Pirates Baseball Club with his infectious spirit and love of baseball.

He also played for several seasons with the Melbourne Aces quickly becoming a crowd favorite. While his impact as a pitcher for the Club’s First Nine and the Melbourne Aces was significant, his greatest impact was on the role he played promoting the game of baseball as a Pirate as a Melbourne Aces player and also working for Baseball Victoria. Bubbie returned home to the USA in 2015 and stayed in touch with many from the Club.

The Club Spirit Award is awarded to a member of the Preston Baseball Club community who consistently demonstrates Club Spirit in all activities across the club.

The Club will always remember Bubbie's mantra “This is the greatest day of my life” such a positive and supportive friend and team mate.

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Bubbie Buzzachero 2012

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Bubbie Buzzachero 2012